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Clarion Stories

My Clarion-mates, as I never get tired of saying, wrote awesome stories. It's wonderful to see the Clarion stories getting published, and to remember that we were *there* when they were being written. Clarion was a very special place.
  • Nick Wolven's An Art, Like Everything Else, was in Asimov's in April/May 2008. I can't link to it since it's a paper edition. A moving  story of digital mourning and death. His "The Love Sling" came out in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet.
  • Catherine (Kater) Cheek's She's Taking Her Tits to the Grave came out in June 2008 in Ideomancer. Funny, empathetic story about a zombie. ETA: It's been collected in The Living Dead anthology, edited by John Joseph Adams, which is already available.
  • Ramsey Shehadeh's story, Jimmy's Roadside Cafe, came out in Strange Horizons in June 2008. This wasn't a Clarion story, exactly, meaning it wasn't written at Clarion, but it was a submission story and discussed in class. A sweet postapocalyptic story with decaying corpses.
  • Peter Atwood's All In was published in Weird Tales in July/ August 2008.  It's about gambling life and limb. [Edited March 09 to add: This story's been nominated for the Prix Aurora Awards]
  • My own Clarion submission story, Spoiling Veena was published in Expanded Horizons. It's about a designer baby growing up and wanting something different. ETA: It's going in the Eight Against Reality anthology, from Panverse Press.
  • Caleb Wilson's submission story, American Dreamers, was published in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, and his Clarion story, Court Scranto, about a dead boy's post mortem presence, was published by Weird Tales. Unfortunately, both of these are on dead trees, not pixels, so linkless here.
And now:
  • Desirina Boskovich has her beautiful story Celadon up at Clarkesworld. It's a space colonization story with a difference, somewhere between science fiction and fantasy, and has some elegant imagery.
I'm pretty sure I've missed some, and I'll come back and edit them in later.
But even better: There will be more. They've already sold.

Watch this space.
I meant it!
  • Another of Desirina's Clarion stories, Sand Castles, is in the final April 09 issue of Realms of Fantasy. [No longer the "final" issue, thanks Warren Lapine.]
  • Jerome Stueart's evocative Clarion story, The Moon over Tokyo Through Leaves in the Fall is in the September 09 issue of Fantasy magazine.
  • Justin Whitney's delightful satire-with-a-djinn, Introducing Jim is in the December 09 issue of Expanded Horizons.
  • My own Nor Yet Feed the Swine is in the January 2010 issue of Cabinet Des Fees. This, then titled Curlylocks, was written at Clarion.
  • Shweta Narayan's Clarion submission/ discussion story, Pisaach, is in the Beastly Bride anthology edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling. (Paper edition, so no link, but its an awesome story. With snakes. Shapeshifting snakes.)
  • Kater (Catherine) Cheek's Gingerbread House showed up today in my new issue of Weird Tales (April 2010). Again, paper so no link, but it's a great story... one of my Clarion faves. A truly creepy fairy-tale meets reality TV.
  • Nick Wolven's On the Horizon is out in the August 2010 edition of Asimov's. It was a Clarion submission story, written specifically for Clarion. Haven't read it yet, but I am sure it's awesome.
  • Peter Atwood's Artifact about love and loss on an alien world is out in Apex (July, 2010). This was a Clarion 4th Week story.
  • Ramsey Shehadeh's Epidapheles and the Inadequately Enraged Demon is out in Fantasy and Science Fiction (July/August 2010). The hero is an invisible sentient chair call Door, who is a magician's familiar.
  • Justin Whitney's Clarion story, Dry Spell, is in the September 2010 issue of Cabinet des Fees. It's comic and charming and you have to meet Dot, a tough old fairy godmother who lives in a Texas trailer park. ("I love Dot to bits," editor Erzebet Yellowboy said.)
  • My own Clarion submission story The Souk of Dreams is also out in the September 2010 issue of Cabinet des Fees. (I'm toc-mates with Justin!!)  The Souk of Dreams is a magic market in Dubai, and Dylan's there with a guy he hardly knows.
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